How can I come up with creative wedding ideas?

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Planning a wedding can be a big job. Planning a truly unique wedding reception is an even bigger job! There seems to be an endless number of decisions necessary in the planning of any big event and a wedding is certainly no exception. Everything must be perfect, special, complimentary to the personalities of both the bride and the groom, memorable and still affordable. On top of that, everyone wants their own wedding to have a unique flair, a quality that sets it apart. When taking on the monumental task of planning and creating this timeless event, the hardest task is often knowing where to start.

Begin with the couple! The bride and groom are two people with different personalities and backgrounds that were brought together through a series of events. Their individual characteristics and the moments they've shared together create their story. This is the story their wedding ceremony and reception needs to tell. Each choice reflects some part of that story from the venue to the color scheme and decorations to the music and activities. Some stories are easier to tell than others. The couple that grew up in the same town, graduated the same college, went into the same profession, both like the same sports team and both love the color red can tell their story more easily than the couple from two different countries, with different educational experiences, who enjoy completely opposite hobbies and have completely different personal styles. The first step to planning a unique wedding reception is the couple's story and deciding which pieces of it need to be woven into the fabric of the event.

The first step in planning, besides setting a date, is to choose a venue. Choosing a venue that equally reflects the personalities of both members of the wedding couple can help inspire many creative wedding ideas. The ceremony and the reception can be held in the same place or in two separate ones. For the devoutly religious couple and church with a reception hall may be exactly what they need. Some couple prefer a less traditional venue such as a refurbished barn or outdoors in a park or on a cruise ship. If the ceremony and reception are to be held in separate venues, those two venues need to be of a complimentary style and atmosphere. The venue choice can speak just as loudly about the love story as the couple's vows.

Once the venue is chosen, the next logical decision to tackle is the color scheme. Starting with a strong choice of color scheme can help to inform decisions in many other areas of the planning process. For instance, if the chosen color scheme is burgundy and silver, than hanging brown and gold sports memorabilia of the groom's favorite football team would not be the best choice. The color scheme is typically incorporated into both the ceremony and the reception. The attire of the wedding party needs to match the style of the venues and the chosen color scheme.

Once the venue and the color scheme have been chosen, the other pieces such as flowers, decorations, music and activities will begin to fall in to place as well. A more modern venue and a bold color scheme screams out for lively music and large robust flowers where as a quaint little church and a pastel color scheme beg for piano music and dainty flora. Remember, no matter which choices are made, the most important thing is not the creative wedding ideas. It is that the marrying couple truly enjoys their very special day.

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